In last February, the Joa casino and the municipality of Seyne received the decision of the administrative court of Toulon, concerning the cancelling of the authorization to operate casino games in the downtown. Unhappy about this decision, both came in Paris to defend their cause. Having a lot of assets to lose, they remain optimistic while reminding that if they had got the authorization to operate twice, why not a third time. In March 2012, the Casino Joa received the authorization to run temporarily its activity in Sablettes. One year after, it was authorized to transfer its activities in the establishment in construction in Seyne, once the latter is going to be finished.

And yet in 2014, its authorization to exploit is removed by an administrative court’s ruling, because of a mistake in the writing of the ministerial decree of 2013. The casino owner and the city of Seyne agree on that point. To support their request, the latter bring back the “favorable definitive advice” of the city council of February 24thas well as the one resulting from the public investigation March 18th. A priori, the inhabitants of the city are in favor of the opening of the casino Joa in Seyne; let’s wait for three weeks to see the outcome. For fan of online gambling, the best casino bonuses are waiting for them day and night from anywhere as casino welcome bonus!

200 million Brazilians, football fans and free betting bonus keens attended to a historical match on Tuesday night which turned into a real “massacre.” While analysts and sport online prognosis expected a balanced match between Brazil and Germany despite the absence of Neymar and Thiago Silva in the Brazilian camp, the 90 minutes were an ordeal for the Seleção and supporters. The Mannschaft atomized the dream of a nation to win a sixth world title in beating Brazil heavily (7-1).

Spanking, humiliation, nightmare, killing … words cannot express the shock that had suffered Brazil in Belo Horizonte after half an hour of the game because the Selecao conceded five goals in less than thirty minutes; Thomas Müller (11), Miroslav Klose (23), Toni Kroos (24th, 26th) and Sami Khedira (29th). Germany team marked the history of the World Cup and especially the Brazilian national team. Germany continued its festival of shooting after the recovery on André Schürrle’s double shoots (69th, 79th) facing a team of Brazil completely disoriented. Oscar has saved the honor of the Selecao and its betting odds in the 90th minute by reducing the score to 7-1. e first period.

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It is always advisable to first read informative and useful tips and strategies before embarking on a poker career. But once you join a table with a low buy-in, you may notice that not all your newly gained knowledge is directly useful. ‘Beginner tables’ allow newbie’s to master the game, but this means that you can never be quite sure about what to expect. Therefore it is always good to keep a few things in mind that are always useful.

Don’t try to guess your opponent’s hand, because an unexpected move from his side might totally confuse you. Instead it is better to patiently wait for good hands and don’t start playing aggressive until you are sure that your hand is best. Forget about bluffing, because most players at the cheaper tables are focused on their own games that they might not really pay attention to what you do.

Also don’t get over enthusiastic and don’t raise too often, because this might scare your opponents away. Guard your own playing style and make sure that the others don’t copy you.

Cheap table are a great way to make a start with your bankroll, but soon you will want more. Once you get to the tougher tables then it becomes time for a serious strategy.

North Carolina has an official education lottery which may soon be operating casino-like video machines to raise funds. Video poker machines were banned in this U.S. state back in 2007 and people like the director of the Education lottery now question the wisdom of the decision saying it is much better to allow and regulate than to ban. Video machines have a huge revenue potential and all in all, people will never stop gambling, even if it should be illegal. The lottery provided a set of interesting data to the government regarding potential gambling revenues if the video machines were allowed suggesting they could bring in over $500 million. In the past, the government did not manage to ban sweepstakes machines as it was decided in court that such a move would violate speech rights.

Another large-scale gambling fraud has been revealed in the United States where two accomplices joined their forces to use a glitch in a particular type of slot machine to their advantage. Their scam has worldwide repercussions as the men repeatedly visited casinos stretching from the Las Vegas Strip in America to Monaco in Europe. They are now facing charges of theft of almost $1.5 million. One of the men usually presented himself as a high roller and had the casino staff unlock special features in the machine, with the double-up one being most important. Subsequently, the men hit a particular series of buttons which caused the slot machine present a jackpot. The scam has only been discovered after the gaming control board started investigating the suspiciously high payoffs.

Harrah’s in Atlantic City is hosting the second World Series of Poker Circuit Regional Championship. Of the 136 players who turned up to play in the $10,000 event, Vanessa Selbst is currently leading the chip count with her 126,375 chips. Selbst made her reputation mainly by her presence at three final WSOP tables and winning the 2008 $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha within the Series. The total winnings of the Brooklyn native to date amount to more than 2 million dollars and she managed to appear on a renowned first place five times so far. The Circuit showcases a host of other famous players and Selbst’s chip lead on day one has plenty of time to be overcome. The event will last into the middle of this week.

The record attendance at the third edition of the Partouche Poker Tour is a good news for the Partouche Group. In debt, it would have required that this interest boost the attendance of its casinos and its website. To do that, Patrick Partouche has another idea: buy the prisons St. Paul and St. Joseph in order to relocate the casino “Pharaon”.

This year the Poker Partouche Tour exploded attendance records. With 764 players registered for the Main Event (8500 Euro tournament entry), the Partouche Group has shown that the Poker Partouche Tour was a meeting that no one wants to miss. The final table, made last week at the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes, will be played on the 6th and 7th of November. The winner will walk away with 1.3 million Euro.

This beautiful media success, however, hide a delicate financial situation. The Partouche Group, founded in 1973 and, now, run by Patrick Partouche, recorded a net loss of 8.5 million Euros in 2008. It is important to mention that the competition is increasingly harsh since the Law which was taken on the 13th of may 2010 regarding “the introduction of competition and industry regulation of gambling and online gambling. Some analysts expect even on the closing of a quarter of casino institutions.

Despite this financial situation, the group continues to invest and Maxime Masquelier, Head of “poker” department, believe in it. Betting on the quality of these institutions, he hopes to revitalize the attendance of its casinos. Although the turnover has increased by 7% in the first half of 2010, the casino is suffering of getting a license later than its competitor for the online poker which has recently employed Bruno Solo as the ambassador of their online poker website.

Cells at the gaming tables

The group is campaigning for the acquisition of prisons St. Paul and St. Joseph, located in the second district of Lyon in the South of the Perrache train station. Built in the nineteenth century, the whole prison was decommissioned in May 2009 and inmates were transferred to the new center of Corbas Penitentiary.

Initially targeted for destruction, the government decided instead of destroying the site to launch an architectural competition to decide the future of the site. And the group Partouche was a candidate. He wants to relocate the casino “Pharaon” located at the Cité International. Being aware the current attraction aroused by the new district of the confluence, this change of address could be strategic and boost attendance.

If the draft of Patrick Partouche is retained, it would be an entertainment complex composed by a casino, a theatre and restaurants that would develop. We will know in December if the current $ 30 million is validated. Until then, nothing is going right, place your bets!

Lyon is located in the south East of France and you can enjoy the city but you can also enjoy the mountain. Lyon is a dynamic city and one of the most important cities of France.

Because Benny Binion was such an interesting character; lauded by senators even though he was a known convicted felon we take another brief look at his impact on the Las Vegas poker and casino industry.

In our previous article on Benny Binion we took a brief look at his life; he had a long life and was born in November 1904. He died in December 1989 and considering he was a child with seriously ill health, whose father (A horse trader) took a gamble and gave him an outdoors upbringing; this gamble paid off. He died on Christmas Day, just over a month after his 85th birthday! He was a fascinating Poker Legend.

If men and cities are judged by their heroes and only heroes are portrayed on horseback in statues. Then Las Vegas has two equestrian statues, one of Rafael Rivera who was the first man (white) to discover the valley in which Las Vegas lies. The other is Benny Binion.

Although he was believed to have mobster ties, he is also the first man to have given the common man a fair shot of winning big in Vegas; he certainly wasn’t greedy. His memory upholds the spirit of fairness, uniqueness and of course a good gamble. Had he been alive today to see the growth of the online poker and casino industry, he would have been suitably impressed, if not a frontrunner.

Benny and his sons took poker from the back room and planted the seeds of what this great game has become today. In forty years of operations in Vegas; poker establishments followed his example to change from sawdust floored joints to carpeted, classy casinos.

This colorful poker personality allowed people to see what a million bucks looked like and have their photo taken with it. There wasn’t much chance of theft, the notes were guarded and they were $10 000 bills which had long gone out of circulation.

He kept his Dallas Texas craps tables in boxes marked “hotel beds” in 1936 under an unofficial policy of gambling tolerance. If they heard they were going to be raided it took them 30 minutes to pack the casino away. He was a bootlegger and carried three pistols which earned him the nickname of “the Cowboy”. He was copped for shooting a couple of bad guys, but left Texas to them when with reform administration he saw big opportunities to do what he was doing, legally, in Las Vegas.

He could see things other casino operators couldn’t see like setting high table limits, and learned this by watching people play. With Binion’s new limits players could win a maximum of $1,130, whereas this was only $270 at the rest. This made him famous, but he also received threats from other casino owners; they worked it out and he continued to increase limits. Higher they went until he advertised you could bet a million maximum on one roll of the dice, hand of blackjack etcetera. One man took advantage of this, but that is another story entirely.